The Romantic 
Remy Donahue, an internationally known painter, has come home to Breeze Point to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his parents, Alec and Maggie Donahue. When his father suffers a stroke, Remy makes the decision to stick around Breeze Point in order to support his recovery. When Remy offers to help out at Sweet Treats, the family bakery, he meets the beautiful and soulful, Gabrielle Turner, who is a new employee at the establishment. Although Remy is smitten with Gabrielle, she's not as certain about him. When Remy discovers her tragic history and her connection to his birthplace of New Orleans, he'll risk it all to win her love and heal her soul. 

Gabrielle Turner can't believe her good fortune when she lands in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. An idyllic beach town, Gabi is shocked when the townsfolk welcome her into their fold with open arms. She's never felt so at peace, even though she fears it won't last. For so many years she's moved from place to place, her soul never feeling at ease in her surroundings. Haunted by her past, Gabrielle feels an instant connection and attraction to Remy Donahue, the son of her employers. But with a habit of picking up and running, will Gabrielle realize that everything she's ever wanted lies in Remy's arms? ​

Seven Brides Seven Brothers

The Dreamer 
Nick Donahue, the youngest of the Donahue
brothers, has been feeling out of sorts due to three of his brothers having
settled down with their lady loves. It plays on every insecurity he has about
the ties that bind the Donahue family together. Nick has struggled his whole
life to make it through school due to his dyslexia, but with hard work and
determination, he graduated at the top of his class. At the age of twenty-seven he's already achieved his goal of opening a successful restaurant in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. When Nick comes face to face with his romantic past in the form of his first love, Layla Delgado, he begins to believe in his own happily ever after. 

Layla Delgado has come to Cape Cod after inheriting her Aunt Trudy's cottage in Breeze Point. One summer ten years ago, she had a summer romance with Nick Donahue and fell head over heels in love with the handsome dreamer. Now, desperate to escape a volatile ex-husband, Layla has reinvented herself in order to protect herself from his sick, twisted obsession. A former ballerina, Layla is now seeking a life of normalcy, with aspirations of opening up a small dance studio in town. But with her ex determined to find her, will Layla ever be free to claim a future with Nick? 

The Hero

Ryder Donahue, a Paramedic, lost his wife, Lena, to cancer four and a half years ago. Despite his devastating loss, Ryder has continued to make forward strides, earning himself the Hero title as he saves lives on a daily basis. When he begins to experience romantic feelings towards his best friend and paramedic partner, Tess Dailey, he resists putting his heart on the line a second time.

Tess Dailey has always been in love with her Paramedic partner and best friend, Ryder Donahue. She's hidden her feelings for six long years, but when an unexpected kiss occurs at a Donahue family wedding, things get complicated between them. Being in love with a man who's afraid to love again requires courage. Will she risk it all by staking a claim on the love of a lifetime?

Until You Loved Me

The Quiet One

The last single Donahue brother, Mac Donahue, is quiet and reserved. His brawny physique hides a kind heart and a wounded soul. Haunted by the tragic disappearance of his sister and scarred by childhood abuse, Mac has done his best to survive and thrive, in large part due to his adoptive family, the Donahues. A woodworker with a new business in Breeze Point called Woodworks, Mac is determined to move ahead with finding his sister, Callie, and discovering what happened to her all those years ago. Tired of being the object of matchmaking by his family members, Mac is stunned when he develops a bond with Delilah Dalton, the beautiful sister of his own sister-in- law, Sarah. When love blossoms between them, can they both put away the hurts of the past in order to forge a new future? 
Delilah Dalton is a social worker who finds fulfillment in her profession. Jaded by numerous romantic relationships that have crashed and burned, Delilah has steered clear of love. When she connects with Mac Donahue over his missing sister, she finds a warm, tender-hearted man who has every reason to be bitter yet exudes positivity. As the two begin a relationship and pursue leads to the whereabouts of Mac’s sister, they find a special kinship in each other. Can Delilah put away her doubts long enough to accept Mac’s open arms? 

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The Heartbreaker 
Wyatt Donahue has always been a ladies’ man, even though his heart has never been touched by love. Blonde and blue-eyed, Wyatt is a shortstop for a professional baseball team, The Bay State Bombers. Sidelined by a knee injury, Wyatt is devastated when a car accident further damages his baseball prospects. Wanting nothing more than to get back to his pro baseball career, Wyatt finds himself sinking into a depression when his condition doesn’t improve. When a stunning beauty from his past offers him a lifeline, will Wyatt take it? 
Kaitlyn O’Malley is a beautiful, dedicated physical therapist who experiences great joy in helping people recover from their injuries. Back in high school she tutored Wyatt when he was the golden boy athlete and she was the quiet bookworm. Although Wyatt still makes her heart flutter, Kaitlyn is determined to stay professional and help her client get back on the baseball diamond. But one look into those big blue eyes might send Kaitlyn right over the edge and into Wyatt’s loving arms. 

When You Believe

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               Belle Calhoune

         Best-selling author of Inspirational Romance

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Love Me Tender

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When A Man Loves A Woman

If Only In My Dreams

Baby It's You

Still The One

Inspirational romance. Seven boys were adopted from the foster care system by Alec and Maggie Donahue, a loving Irish couple living in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. Now grown men, the brothers are making their way in the world in their chosen professions, each hoping to find love that will last a lifetime.  

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The Way Home

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​The Caretaker  Blue Donahue, an internationally-known journalist, has come home to Breeze Point, Cape Cod to celebrate his parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary. When his father suffers a stroke, Blue, along with his six adopted brothers, is thrown into a tailspin. When he comes face to face with Sarah, the love of his life, his heart awakens to all the possibilities stretched out before them. 
Sarah Dalton, an emergency room nurse, can’t believe her eyes when her ex-fiancé, Blue Donahue, comes crashing into her hospital. Four years ago their relationship crashed and burned when Blue showed up two hours late for their wedding. Now, she’s forced to face the only man she’s ever loved as he deals with a family crisis.  The hurts of the past loom large between Blue and Sarah. But as circumstances drive them together, they find that the love they thought they’d lost has endured. And, with faith and truth, they may be able to create a love stronger than any they’d ever dreamed possible and get their happily ever after. 

PREQUEL: How Maggie and Alec Donahue met and fell in love. 

Maggie Kilcannon is living with relatives in Breeze Point, Cape Cod after leaving her native land of Ireland. Having tragically lost her parents in a plane crash, Maggie is weary about loving anyone, lest she emerge broken-hearted once again. When she meets handsome Alec Donahue, a soldier on leave, she falls head over heels in love with him. But can she learn to live with the uncertainty of losing him in the line of duty? 

Alec Donahue has always wanted to proudly serve his country as a soldier for the United States of America. He’s kept his eyes on the prize until he meets the beautiful and spirited Maggie while on leave. Maggie doesn’t believe in loving someone who might leave her, even though Alec wants to offer her a lifetime as her soul mate. Can Alec make Maggie believe in happily ever after?

The Millionaire

​Self-made businessman Brandon Donahue has walked the halls of Ivy League colleges, conquered Wall Street and built up his small company into a multimillion dollar business. Now, after moving his company to Cape Cod, Brandon is back in the fold of his loving family. Dumped on live television by his supermodel girlfriend, Brandon is more humiliated than heartbroken. Yet he still yearns for the type of love his brothers have found. 

Principled beauty, Rose Maddock, has been Brandon Donahue's secretary for five long years. And for all that time she's tried her best to find things about him to like. In her opinion, he's arrogant, and way too blunt for her liking. And he seems to think life revolves around his business. When Brandon moves the company to Cape Cod, Rose starts fresh in Breeze Point with her six year old son, AJ. When she strikes a bargain with Brandon that revolves around him including AJ in his family’s holiday events, she begins to see a whole new side of Brandon. 

But is it wise to mix business with pleasure?​